Who wants to see baby me?

| Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm about 8 years old in this picture ^^

In this picture I'm 11 years old

In the two pictures above I'm around 12 years old

Everyone post your (I'm in that awkward stage of life pictures)! :D


felmake1 said...

You look like some actor in the first picture!:)

wanderer said...

you look cute :)
where did u get the shirt you're wearing in ur blog banner?

elfpixie said...

aww, you're adorable!

Aleksis said...

I ALWAYS had my hair super short when I was around that age...Unfortunately I have no kid pictures on my computer..I'll have to get my mom to upload some. I think it's fun looking at everyone else's!

Anna Andreyevna said...


im the one w/ bunny ears. talk about awkward :[

brittkneegirl1 said...

It said photo currently no available :/

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